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20150324_164019Latest News – Ben is releasing his second volume of comics starring Peter Grant called Night Witch following the success of Bodywork. Book 6 The Hanging Tree is to be released 16th June 2016.

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-Peter Grant
Rivers of London (Signed, Lined, Dated, First Edition, Hardback)
Moon over Soho (Signed, Lined, Dated, First Edition, Hardback)
Whispers Under Ground (Lined, First Edition, Hardback)
Broken Homes (Signed, Lined, First Edition, Hardback)
Foxglove Summer (Special Edition, Green Edges, Signed, Numbered 97/250, Limited Edition Badge)

Bodywork #1 (Signed)
Bodywork #2 (Signed)
Bodywork #3 (Signed)
Bodywork #4
Bodywork #5

Pre-ordered Night Witch #1 (Signed)

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Ben AaronovitchA little bit about the author- Ben Aaronovitch was born in 1964. Discovering in his early twenties that he had precisely one talent, he took up screenwriting at which he was an overnight success. He wrote for Doctor Who, Casualty and the world’s cheapest ever SF soap opera Jupiter Moon. He then wrote for Virgin’s New Adventures until they pulped all his books.

Then Ben entered a dark time illuminated only by an episode of Dark Knight, a book for Big Finish and the highly acclaimed but not-very-well-paying Blake’s 7 Audio dramas.

Trapped in a cycle of disappointment and despair Ben was eventually forced to support his expensive book habit by working for Waterstones as a bookseller. Ironically it was while shelving the works of others that Ben finally saw the light. He would write his own books, he would let prose into his heart and rejoice in the word. Henceforth, subsisting on nothing more than instant coffee and Japanese takeaway, Ben embarked on the epic personal journey that was to lead to Rivers of London (or Midnight Riot as it is known in the Americas).

Ben Aaronovitch currently resides in London and says that he will leave when they pry his city from his cold dead fingers.

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