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Sir Terry Pratchett

“Some humans would do anything to see if it was possible to do it. If you put a large switch in some cave somewhere, with a sign on it saying ‘End-of-the-World Switch. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH’, the paint wouldn’t even have time to dry.” (Thief of Time, Pratchett, 2001)

Favourite Book – Mort Mort

My Collection
-Non Discworld titles
Nation, (Waterstones Limited Edition, First Edition, Hardcover)
A Slip of the Keyboard
Dodger (Waterstones Special Edition)
Dragons at Crumbling Castle with Exclusive Art (Deluxe Slipcase)
Good Omens (Gollancz Art)

-Clothbound Art Collection from Gollancz (all 1st editions) Queue2_0
The Colour of Magic (1983) (Rincewind)
The Light Fantastic (1986) (Rincewind)
Equal Rites (1987) (Witches)
Mort (1987) (Death)
Sourcery (1988) (Rincewind)
Wyrd Sisters (1988) (Witches)
Pyramids (1989) (One-off)
Guards! Guards! (1989) (City Watch)
Guards! Guards! – The Board Game
Faust Eric (1990) (Rincewind)
Moving Pictures (1990) (One-off) 
Reaper Man (1991) (Death)
Witches Abroad (1991) (Witches)
Small Gods (1992) (One-off)
Lords and Ladies (1992) (Witches)
Men at Arms (1993) (City Watch)
Soul Music (1994) (Death)
Interesting Times (1994) (Rincewind)
Maskerade (1995) (Witches)
Feet of Clay (1996) (City Watch)
Hogfather (1996) (Death)
Jingo (1997) (City Watch)

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-Doubleday (1st Edition Hardcovers)
The Last Continent (1998) (Rincewind)
Carpe Jugulum (1998) (Witches)
The Fifth Elephant (1999) (City Watch)
The Truth (2000) (One-off)
Thief of Time (2001) (Death)
The Last Hero (2001) (Rincewind, although this is debatable)
The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents (2001) 
Night Watch (2002) (City Watch)
The Wee Free Men (2003) (Wee Free Men) (Illustrated Edition, Signed)
Monstrous Regiment (2003) (One-off)
A Hat Full of Sky (2004) (Wee Free Men)
Going Postal (2004) (Post Office)
Thud! (2005) (City Watch) 2015-08-27 16.34.45
Wintersmith (2006) (Wee Free Men)
Making Money (2007) (Post Office)
Unseen Academicals (2009) (The Wizards, Rincewind)
I Shall Wear Midnight – with signed Art Card (2010) (Wee Free Men)
I Shall wear Midnight (Signed and Stamped First Edition) – For Sale
Snuff (2011) (City Watch / Sam Vimes)
Snuff (Signed and Stamped with Holo) – For Sale
Raising Steam (2013) (Post office)
The Shepherds Crown (Exclusively Stamped, 1st, HC)
Where’s my Cow? (2005, Children’s Discworld, 1st, Hardcover)

Ankh Morpork Discworld – The board game

2015-08-27 16.38.47-Other books written by Sir Terry Pratchett
The Carpet People (1971)
The Dark Side of the Sun (1976)
Strata (1981)
Only You Can save Mankind (1992)
Johnny and the Dead
Johnny and the Bomb
-With Stephen Baxter
The Long Earth (June 2012)
The Long War (June 2013)
The Long Mars (June 2014)
The Long Utopia (June 2015)
The Long Cosmos (2016)

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Terry_Pratchett_di_3230314bAbout the Author – Sir Terry Pratchett was the acclaimed creator of the global bestselling Discworld series, the first of which, The Colour of Magic, was published in 1983. In all, he was the author of fifty bestselling books. His novels have been widely adapted for stage and screen, and he was the winner of multiple prizes, including the Carnegie Medal, as well as being awarded a knighthood for services to literature. Worldwide sales of his books now stand at 70 million, and they have been translated into thirty-seven languages.

Sir Terry Pratchett died on 12th March 2015 aged 66 after losing his battle with the ’embuggerance.’ He donated over £500k to Alzheimer’s Research Trust and pleaded with the government to put more money into Dementia Research. Sir Terry Pratchett spoke plainly on his views on Euthanasia, bravely presenting a TV show assisting the suicide of a terminally ill person. He was an ambassador for Fantasy Literature and an asset to the world. His books will continue to inspire authors and make people laugh for many generations.